Mr.Panty Hose

Where does Mr.Panty Hose come from ? It's one of the most frequently asked questions. It was late in the afternoon. The air is filled with brewed coffee...hhmm. Yes! he was born in a coffee shop.

To be exact , We really had nothing to do that day. It was even before Papercuts. Just graduated and temporarily lost a direction in life. So we hung around there and found something both of us love doing. That is to draw.

We'd got only one piece of (used) paper so we had to share the space. That explains the upside down picture. We sat opposite each other and drew drew drew in our own way. Until the point when there was no space left , Mr.Panty Hose appeared. I can't remember who started it first. I think I did the top and Pui did the legs. It turned out to be a guy in stripes and holding a shiny sword.(very stylish) Anyway when we started Papercuts , one of the very first item is a striped sweater. It looks just like what Mr.Hose is wearing. That is why we use him for our logo. End of story.

BTW, He's a robber wearing a pantyhose not a pony tail.

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